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  • What grind size should my coffee be?
    When you choose your coffee, select which grind size you're after and we will organise it for you! Depending how you want to brew your coffee, please select from one of the following: -Espresso -Stove-top (or Percolator) -Plunger
  • How do I store my coffee?
    To ensure freshness of your NO-DÄ Coffee, keep in the original packaging and seal it in an airtight container away from direct sunlight!
  • Does your coffee blends work with different milks?
    Each of our blends are specifically designed to complement the specific alternative milk we base it on. That said, there is no reason that you couldn't use almond milk, for example, with our Soy Blend, or pair it with cows milk, or simply without any milk! If we don't yet have a blend of coffee for your preferred milk, let us know what you drink, and rest assured we will start working on it (if we aren't already).
  • How do I contact you?
    If you have any questions, queries or compliments, please contact us via our contact page or via email at:
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