Our Story

 Coffee is in our blood 

During the initial lockdown in 2020, as there was little to do, we began to drink more coffee. We are both soy milk coffee drinkers and noticed that a lot of the coffee we were drinking was not overly tasteful and created curdling and bitter aftertastes. This is when we had the idea to create our own blend of coffee to complement soy milk.


We have been working in the coffee industry for a combined 10 years, however, our whole lives we have been immersed in coffee through our family business. We began simply by packing coffee, then moved into Quality Control Officers at the coffee roastery and now blend profiling for NO-DÄ Coffee!

It took a few tries, but we finally created a coffee blend that specifically complements soy milk by amplifying the delicious flavours and avoiding unwanted curdling due to the nature of non-dairy milks.

As alternative milk drinkers are increasing, we want to be able to offer coffee blends for all alternative milks, to create the perfect cup of coffee for our customers.
We can now give the opportunity to other non-dairy milk drinkers to try our coffee blends as we keep growing and developing new blends towards a more sustainable future. 


“Good ideas start with great coffee” 

Meet us


Chloe Metcalf

Big Sister, Graphic Designer & Blend Profiler


Emily Metcalf

Little Sister, Admin & Blend Profiler 


Come refill your NO-DA Coffee Canisters, or buy our freshly roasted coffee beans at Upwey's Seed of Life Farmer's Market!

4th Sunday of every month, 8am-1pm.

34 Main Street, Upwey, VIC, 3158